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Indirizzo dell'ufficio: 325 meters east of abasterceor del pacifico
Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica, 60601

Telefono: +001-713-370-1268

Sito web: www.www,

Descrizione:: Agente, Broker, Proprietario dell'agenzia, Mediatore di ipoteca, Investitore / Proprietario, Progammatore, Responsabile proporietà, Agenzia

Nome dell'azienda: Coldwell Banker Manuel Antonio

Marca / Franchise: Coldwell Banker

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Hi This is Shawn, my business is focused on accomplishing the goals of my clients. I use a time-tested process to help my clients in achieving their goals. I'm dedicated to the business of helping others in every aspect of my life. I'm can be described as professional, direct, and honest. My clients are always first in any business transaction. My background is based in financial and investment planning. I spent the 1st half of my life helping others achieve their goals for investment purposes and protection of their family assets. I came to Costa Rica when the markets were in disarray to work with clients to bridge the gaps they had in capital to keep their homes, business, or vacation rental investments. I provided millions of dollars of investment funds to help the clients and other investors. This experience gave me a unique perspective on the real estate market and a great eye for value. Which ultimately lead to me the acquisition of the Coldwell Banker franchise.

Thank my family. My Daughter Deyna and son Matt for letting me see the world through their eyes. It is amazing how much I learn from Deyna the younger of the 2 who is just now seeing the world as a child. As a Realtor. I'm blessed to be in such a beautiful place and I have the best job in the world. Think about it I get to show people some of the most beautiful properties in the world, help them understand a new culture and make lasting friendships. I really don't have work to do I have a life to live and I choose to do it like minded people to make a difference in their lives and the lives of others. My saying is body, mind, and soul.

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Shawn Ferguson

Indirizzo dell'ufficio: 325 meters east of abasterceor del pacifico
Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica, 60601

Telefono: +001-713-370-1268




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